The common property type of these loans consist of purchasing a house, rural property, town-house, unit, apartment, service apartments, villa, duplex, company title, and land.

There are a variety of product available for residential/investment loans. The common residential/investment loans include:

  • Variable Rates – standard variable loan, package loan (discounted standard variable rates), basic loan (no frills), all in one loan, construction loan, bridging loan, low doc loans, non-conforming loans, no doc loans, and reverse loans.
  • Fixed Rates – standard fixed from 1 to 15 years.

Our lending managers will compare lenders interest rates, fees and charges, and will show you how to structure your home loans, so that you may save and pay off your home loans sooner than later.

Our lending managers will assess and qualify our clients borrowing capacity on the spot of a nominated lender, by the given information, before the loan proceeds.

Having understood your financial goals, our lending managers will be able to show you how to structure your finance properly such that you will be able to fulfil your financial dreams.

Is a 10% guaranteed bond presented to a Real Estate or client’s solicitor for exchange of a Sale Contract. Client use this Deposit Power, when they borrow more than 100% on the new property value with all fees and charges, by using their existing property for security against the new residential or investment loans.

The duration of Deposit Power is normally up to 6 months. Client only needs to pay a bond premium instead of 10% physical funds to a Real Estate on exchange of Sale Contract.

Deposit Bond is a 10% guaranteed bond presented to a Real Estate or client’s solicitor for exchange a Sale Contract, when a client purchase an off the plan property. The feature of deposit bond is similar to deposit power, except the duration is longer than 6 months. Thus the premium is much higher than the Deposit Power.